The Inner Workings of a Federal Commutation

The Inner Workings of a Federal Commutation by Manpreet Teji Contributing Writer   This past year I had the wonderful opportunity to work at the Federal Defender Program of the Northern District of Illinois. Through this internship, I worked on multiple clemency applications asking President Obama to grant federal commutations. The majority of our clients …More

Asked & Answered: The Family Law & Domestic Violence Clinic

Asked & Answered: The Family Law & Domestic Violence Clinic Prof. Debra Pogrund Stark Clinic Director   In honor of October being Domestic Violence Month, an interview of Professor Debra Stark, Founder and Director of the John Marshall Law School Family Law & Domestic Violence Clinic:   We have a domestic violence clinic? Yes – …More

Could Unlikely Presidential Candidates Bring Back Brokered Conventions? A Brief History of a Time Honored Tradition

Between billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump leading an insurgency within the Republican Party and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-identified Democratic Socialist, doing the same among Democrats, talk has turned to the possibility of contested conventions for both parties this year. Almost 90% of Republican insiders predict the GOP is …More

“What Are We Doing Here?”

What are we doing here, exactly? What is the purpose law school? I have posed these questions to a few professors, and I have received different answers. A common answer is that law school prepares students to be practicing attorneys. We are here to learn the nitty-gritty of the practice of law. That is why, …More

Human Sacrifice: A Look at the Death Penalty in America

Friedrich Nietzsche postulated that, in pre-modern times, when a man was wronged he retaliated against the transgressor irrespective of the transgressor’s “intent”, “negligence”, or “soundness of mind.” Before the inception of “free will”, along with the notion that man “chooses” to commit wrongs, pain was inflicted to forge a memory. It mattered not whether the …More

Pharma Fiasco or: How America Learned to Forget its Problems and Hate the Pharma Bro

In this era of divisive politics, infrastructure deficits, extra judicial police killings and budget crises, there appears to be little common ground to share in our public debate. The one exception appears to be our collective feelings towards Martin Shkreli, the hedge fund manager and pharmaceutical executive better known by his nickname, “Pharma Bro.” Just …More

Federalists Rise Above the Rancor with Panel Discussions

This past year the John Marshall Law School’s Federalist Society has hosted a series of conversations which have been free and open to all students. The events have included discussions about the role of the police, the ideological propensities of the Chief Jus- tice Roberts, and how federal regulations affect the craft brewing industry. The …More