JMLS IT: Frequent Questions

JMLS IT: Frequent Questions By John Ghorbati How do I access JMLS wifi and set up printing from my computer? Go to to access the “how- to” guides. If you have issues with the Wi-Fi, please contact the Help Desk with the time and location where the error occurred. How do I set up …More

Hello JMLS’ers

Hello JMLS’ers By Bria Riley Introduction: My name is Bria Riley, I am a 3L and your Student Bar Association President. On behalf of the Student Bar Association, I’d like to welcome you back to JMLS (if you’re a returning student) and extend a warm welcome to those new faces that I’m sure we’ll all …More

Greetings from The Asian American Law School Student Association

Greetings from The Asian American Law School Student Association Reiko Fukuyama Vice President, APALSA We hope that you all had a wonderful summer.  For those of you who are new to John Marshall—Welcome!  We look forward to meeting you.  The Asian American Law School Student Association (APALSA) is an affinity student group that welcomes ALL …More

What the Academic Achievement Program can do for you

What the Academic Achievement Program can do for you By: Chris Evers Law school is not meant to be a solitary academic endeavor.   With the start of a new semester, the JMLS Academic Achievement Program (AAP) has something to offer you no matter where you are in your law school journey. You may not …More

Poison in the Melting Pot: How Islamophobia Threatens our National Identity

While the states have control over their welfare and assistance programs, refugee ac- ceptance and resettlement is a federal issue. Regardless, many states have resisted efforts to relocate Syrian refugees within their borders and publicized their intentions not to cooperate with the federal government’s efforts. The Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, filed suit against the …More

Rick and Morty & the Crisis of Intellectual Property

In 2014, acclaimed comedy writer Justin Roiland teamed up with writer/ producer Dan Harmon of Community fame, to unleash the hit animated sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty upon an unsuspecting world. On the outset, the story of a space traveling scientist and his side-kick grandson might not seem out of place on a family- …More

Check Out the April Issue!

The April Issue of John Marshall’s student newspaper the Decisive Utterance is back from the presses! It is our fourth and final issue of the 2015-2016 school year and we are very pleased to conclude this year on such a high note. This issue features some great articles about Dean Corkery stepping down, the damaging effects of Islamophobia …More

Video Game Law Society’s Spring Newsletter Released Today!

Check out the Video Game Law Society’s newsletter today! The Video Game Law Society is proud to present its spring newsletter! Issue 5 features in depth articles on Sony’s attempt to trademark the term “Lets Play”, the FBI’s attempt to compel Apple to hand over access to its iPhone system, a look at one game developer’s futile struggle to …More

Check Out the March Issue of the Decisive Utterance!

Our latest issue is out now! It includes detailed and informative articles on the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and how his untimely passing is being handled in Washington, the Business Enterprise Law Clinic’s mission and impact, a look at what can happen when Rock ‘n Rollers go head-to-head with an intergovernmental agency, along with student event spotlights and …More